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Dori Gillam - Ageism Writer
"The years teach much
which the days
never know."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson
 “Over the years Dori has graced me with wisdom that can only come with age and I stay on the edge of my seat waiting for what she will do next."

- Sabrina Jones, Director of Assistance Services, Sound Generations

I love writing.

It brings clarity and permanence that speaking cannot; the instant spoken words reach the air, they vaporize. The written word offers dependability, durability. I’m working on this craft daily and will continue to post new pieces.

Good Night Every Day (2002)
"Ralph: 'Good night, Honey. I’d
better go home..." | 
Save My Place (2010)
"When I was twelve, I worried that my parents would end up in hell..." | READ |
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