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Dori Gillam, Storyteller
"One must wait until
the evening to see
how splendid the
day had been."
Save My Place is a 15-minute performance piece that can be used to introduce or wrap up discussions on caregiving, end-of-life, spirituality, dying, death and dementia.


I believe facts illustrate; stories illuminate. Using stories in all my presentations helps people understand and identify how they can apply techniques in their own lives. In this piece, I tell the story of my parents’ llfelong love and last 3 weeks.

“Dori's storytelling is touching and poignant, with a sprinkling of humor that charms us all."
- Stella
“Through humor and personal stories, Dori teaches that our older years don't have to be molded by preconceived ideas about aging; those years get to be molded by us with the support of community.”
- Sabrina Jones, Director of Assistance Services, Sound Generations
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